Not Just Child’s Play: Why Playgrounds are Important to Children’s Development

Far from being a trivial part of urban developments, playgrounds and green spaces are much more than just “child’s play”. Providing built environments which cater to the rising generations must be an integral part of public policies, programmes and decisions. A recent UNICEF report makes the case for prioritisation of playgrounds and recreational areas which … Continue reading “Not Just Child’s Play: Why Playgrounds are Important to Children’s Development”

Design Principles for a Post-Covid World

Among the more unexpected impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic is the rethinking of how populations interact with their built environment, and whether large cities are the way of the future when it comes to urban development. According to a recent report by UN Habitat, the effects of Covid-19 have highlighted “the unprecedented demographic, environmental, economic, … Continue reading “Design Principles for a Post-Covid World”

Fresh Air Team Meetings

Emerdyn Garden Setting

One of the big questions occupying the minds of corporate leaders coming through the Covid-19 pandemic is “will employees want to return to the office after working from home?”. Setting the standard for the future of work, tech giant Google announced in December 2020 plans to bring employees back into the office in a hybrid … Continue reading “Fresh Air Team Meetings”