Street Furniture and Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration: An Introduction Practical application of urban regeneration strategies is the key to reinvigorating modern cityscapes, transforming the lives of residents, attracting tourists and stimulating economic growth. The benefits of urban regeneration strategies are manifold, simultaneously addressing issues such as social equity and health, reducing carbon emission, and enhancing infrastructure, liveability and housing. What … Continue reading “Street Furniture and Urban Regeneration”

Street Furniture: The Evolution

EM009 Heritage Seats

The transformative power of landscaping and public amenity design is one of the cornerstones of urban renewal, impacting the way humans interact with each other and their environment. Street furniture is one of the key ways in which public spaces become functional, facilitating community and connection. While many contemporary forms of street furniture have evolved … Continue reading “Street Furniture: The Evolution”

Yarning Circles: The Indigenous Foundations of Modern Community

EM038 - 10.4LM, Powdercoated Frame Custom Black Matt on grass

Australian Indigenous patterns of gathering contain important keys for building cohesive modern communities, creating spaces for building connection and understanding. Particularly in an educational context, the tradition of gathering in a “Yarning Circle” creates a space for stories, history, wisdom and experiences to be shared. As a nod towards NAIDOC week and Indigenous Literacy Day, … Continue reading “Yarning Circles: The Indigenous Foundations of Modern Community”

Outdoor Furniture Design in Education

EM038-T Contour Bench Seats 4M

Studies on the impact of environmental and spatial design in educational settings have proven what we all intuitively knew – physical environment impacts both social behaviour and learning outcomes. Theories of environmental psychology have long held that elements of the physical environment have an impact on social attitudes and behaviour inside the classroom and beyond. … Continue reading “Outdoor Furniture Design in Education”