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Emerdyn Emerdyn makes & sells quality street & park furniture including park shelters, benches, seating, tables & school bike racks for urban & community spaces.Emerdyn
39 Stanley Street Peakhurst, NSW 2210
sales@emerdyn.com.au Phone: 02 9534 1314

Vespa Steel Seat

Product Name : Vespa Steel Seat
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Vespa Steel Seat
Vespa Steel Seat
EM010 Vespa Steel Seat with armrest option.jpg
Vespa Steel Seat
EM010 Vespa Steel Seat with armrest option.jpg

Vespa Steel Seat

Product id: EM010

The Vespa Seat as standard is 1800mm length with steel slats and framed with powder coated galvanised steel.  Options include 2100mm length, back to back seats, DDA seat, stainless steel battens and frame.  The Vespa range of street furniture comprises of benches and 3 piece settings with different fixing positions to suit your community space, park or school.

Standard Specifications:
Length: 1800mm
Battens: steel slats 40 x 5mm / 50 x 5mm
Frame: galvanised steel
Finish: powder coated
Fixture: surface, sub-surface, inground

Length: 2100mm
Battens: stainless steel
Frame: stainless steel
Seats: back to back
Fixture: wall mounted, plinth mounted
Armrest/DDA:  compliant with armrest option

Available in the Vespa range:
EM010 seat/DDA option, EM011 bench, EM012 (3 piece setting with table & benches)

DIMENSIONS: Length: 1800 | Width: 670 | Height: 800
Vespa Steel Seat