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Emerdyn Emerdyn makes & sells quality street & park furniture including park shelters, benches, seating, tables & school bike racks for urban & community spaces.Emerdyn
39 Stanley Street Peakhurst, NSW 2210
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Centennial Park Seat

Product Name : Centennial Park Seat
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Centennial Park Seat
Centennial Park Seat
EM025 Centennial Park Seat 2.jpg
Centennial Park Seat
EM025 Centennial Park Seat 2.jpg

Centennial Park Seat

Product id: EM025

The Centennial Park Seat is available with hardwood timber, painted timber or aluminium battens and framed with powder coated hot dip galvanised steel.  The Centennial Park range offers a table and bench setting with option for memorial, donation or commemorative plaque and different fixing positions to suit your community space or park.

Standard Specifications:
Length:  1800mm
Battens:  hardwood timber 63mm x 30mm, oiled
Frame:  hot dip galvanised steel
Finish:  powder coated frame
Fixture:  surface, sub-surface, inground

Battens:  aluminium 63 x 30mm
Plaque:  memorial, donation, commemorative
Finish:  painted

Specially produced for Centennial Parklands.
EM025 seat, EM026 bench and EM027 table (see combination units)

Centennial Park Seat