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Emerdyn Emerdyn makes & sells quality street & park furniture including park shelters, benches, seating, tables & school bike racks for urban & community spaces.Emerdyn
39 Stanley Street Peakhurst, NSW 2210
sales@emerdyn.com.au Phone: 02 9534 1314

Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel

Product Name : Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel
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Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel
Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel
Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel

Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel

Product id: EM224-SS-240

The Emerdyn Bin enclosure is available in 120 or 240 litre capacity with the body in full stainless steel or powder coated pre-galvanised perforated sheet steel and stainless steel chute.  Choice of co-joined bins, body with custom perforations, selection of hood or recycle top, signage and logo design with different fixing options to suit your council, school or development.

Emerdyn’s robust bin enclosures are manufactured to surround public space wheeled / wheelie bins (e.g. Sulo).

Body:  galvanised perforated sheet steel, powder coated OR #316 stainless steel
Chute:  #316 stainless steel
Fixings:  stainless steel hinges & lock
Fixture:  surface, sub-surface, inground

Capacity:  120 litre, 240 litre
Co-joined:  twin or triple unit combinations
Body:  custom perforations, no perforations
Hood:  #316 stainless steel hood & pins, angled hood & pins, full hood, recycle
             or custom
Chute:  200x200, 250x250 (120L), and 300x300, 350x350, 400x400 (240L)
Recycle Top:  #316 stainless steel (see EM224-RC)
Signage:  recycle, general, custom
Logo:  template design required

Codes:  full stainless steel without hood

Previously Cronulla Bin Enclosure

Emerdyn Bin Enclosure - Stainless Steel