Drinking Fountains

Our drinking fountains and water bubblers are designed in either traditional or contemporary styles and manufactured with Australian made plumbing products to give peace of mind with spare parts availability. They are typically constructed in either surface or sub-surface mounting option for ease of maintenance. Just like all of our products, we use a wide range of materials with this range, which includes galvanised steel, cast aluminium and stainless steel.

Once again we can design a custom drinking fountain for you or allow Emerdyn to draft a design intent for your approval, you can be assured that from commencement to completion the process can be tailored around your needs and budget. Other innovative ideas can bring forward designs that can complement new and existing furniture designs, so as the drinking fountain does not become an afterthought; instead it becomes an intrinsic component of the design.

A drinking fountain should ‘belong’ within the range of furniture both in design, materials and colour. Lastly, the mechanical design needs consideration for maintenance. This usually includes a removable panel for simple access to the plumbing internals and filter systems.

Urban Drinking Fountain – Urbano (EM074)


The Urbano Drinking Fountain is modern designed to blend in with the suite of furniture, manufactured with a robust stainless steel bowl and fabricated steel column. ¬†Finished in your choice of powder coated colours or pick you own decorator colour […]

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Drinking Fountain – Heritage (EM405)

EM405 - Drinking Fountain

This drinking fountain is a heritage design to blend in with old world settings, manufactured with a robust stainless steel bowl and cast aluminium column. ¬†Finished in your choice of powder coated colours or pick your own decorator colour finished […]

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