The Company

Emerdyn is a family owned Australian company established in 1968. Our purpose then was to build pine furniture for Australian homes and businesses. Our original domestic product enjoyed enormous success. The now famous multi coloured timber slat seats and tables built on cast iron were a feature of Australian homes in the late sixties; early seventies. These products are still extremely popular amongst collectors.

In honour of our heritage Emerdyn’s logo pays tribute to our original slat furniture.

In 1988 we manufactured our first commercial parks and gardens furniture range with outstanding success. Today we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our reputation for engineering.

What do we do?

We make furniture, fitting and facilities that provide safety, comfort and style where people gather.

Our aim:

Inspiring community space

Our mission:

To be a world class supplier and manufacturer of furniture, fittings and facilities

Our vision:

To make a positive and inspiring contribution to community places so people can enjoy themselves in comfort, style and safety whenever they come together

Our values:







Why should you choose Emerdyn?

Whether you need a single product from our standard range or you need something unique and out of the ordinary, we treat every customer with a passion and commitment to quality, service and value.

At Emerdyn we are proud to be a family owned Australian manufacturer of great products for a great reason. Your community spaces!

We look forward to being of service.